FAQ about our Hand Forged Carbon Steel Pans

Beautiful hand forged carbon steel Paella Roaster

Are they lighter than cast iron and how do I order?

Cast Iron is heavier than our pans.  The larger the pan the lighter it is compared to cast iron.  So our 9 inch might be a couple ounces lighter our 13 inch weighs 5 lbs 4 oz and a 13 inch cast iron weighs 10 lbs. 8 ozs. So ours is half!  So "YES" our pans are lighter!

Place your order on the website.  Just click the pan or pans you choose and check out.  If you want it personalized and the option is not showing, just msg us.  Personalization is an additional $40, just msg us as we are to get it right the first time!   We Ship Free, usually UPS.  Your Pans will ship immediately if available.  If not, it will take 2 weeks to make your pan then will ship.  Call our Shop if you have any questions you would like answered. RIGHT NOW UNTIL DEC 15th WE CAN GUARANTEE YOUR PAN WILL BE THERE FOR CHRISTMAS WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL US.  SO GET YOUR ORDERS IN BEFORE MIDNIGHT SUNDAY.

How do I season my pan?

Our Carbon Steel Pans are heated and oiled once with

coconut cooking oil.  This is basically for shipping purposes so the pan will not rust.

There are as many ways to season a pan as there are opinions, but here is 1 way I recommend because it worked well for us when we seasoned our Hand Forged Cookware at home.


First, scrub skillet with soapy hot water to get the coconut oil off. (we put coconut oil on to avoid rust after pan is made)

Turn on oven to 450 degrees.

Dry and then warm pan in the oven a few minutes.  

Wipe with a high flash point oil (I recommend Flax seed you find at your local grocery store in the cold section of the bulk/health food area).

The pan is kinda hot so be careful!

Wipe with towel all over and use very little.  Just a light film is all that is needed.  It will take on a beautiful dark finish. 

Put back in 450 degree oven and bake for 2 hrs.  

Turn oven off and let cool naturally inside the oven.

Do this process at least 3 times.  Took me a day before I could use my pan because I did mine 3 times.

You will have a very nicely seasoned pan with a beautiful black finish.  


Use plenty of oil when cooking the first few months.  

Don't use soap or water the first couple months unless you baked on your season.  

Use salt (and water if needed) as an abrasive if you need to loosen any food.  

OR....use the SCRUBBER click below to get one!

Clean your pan immediately after use and it will be easier to clean. 

Warm and oil before you put away.  

Avoid cooking tomato sauces for extended time because the acid will eat the season off.  After your season is on there a couple years, you won't have to worry about it.  It will be a hard as rock finish.

Don't fret!  Iron is very forgiving if you feel you have messed up your season.  Just scrub with a scouring pad, soap and hot water and start over.  

Message or Call with any questions 325.732.4740 Shop  

What do our customers say about our pans?

 Beautiful craftsmanship! I gave three pans as gifts for Christmas. They were so nice, and happy to answer all questions. 

                                -Amanda Osburn

I really appreciate the hand craftsmanship that went into making it. I know that there are no 2 of them exactly alike. Not cookie cutter pans, but hand made.   - Dan Smith

 Absolutely amazing craftsmanship. Each piece is unique and beautiful. Not to mention, amazing, kind-hearted owners. Can't say enough good things!  - Whitney Shorb

How do I cook in my new pan?

Your pan can go from stove, to oven, to small camp fire or grill.  If you are familiar with cooking in cast iron it's similar but not quite the same, as Chef's around the world use carbon steel pans to have the optimum control with heat.  You will make some of your best dishes in these pans.  From searing salmon to making cornbread, pizza or cooking your veggies on the grill.  This pan can do it all!

Can we come by the Shop and see pans being made?

Randy and Margie love for people to visit the Shop and we have a small retail antique store we sell our pans in at the front of the Blacksmith Shop but if you want to see demonstrations or pans being made, you will need to contact us first for an appointment.  

Events outside the Shop for 2019

Randy and I like to get out of the Shop so we do events all over the US..  We have gone to Gruene, TX, Fredericksburg, TX, Stanton Sorehead Days, Seward NE Fourth of July Celebration and the Ballinger TX Ethnic Festival.   We don't have very many events coming up this year as we have decided to stay in the Shop until the next year.  Upcoming event you might want to catch us at is the The Annual Thanksgiving Gathering at the Chicken Farm Art Center in San Angelo. So stop by and say hello!  We would love to meet you.  Or just give us a call and come by the Shop in Paint Rock.